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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Status Whatsapp Love

Status Whatsapp Love:
I promise, i will never ever give up on our relationship.

Faith is going against your common sense and believe a person.

A single +ve thought is enough to change your life.

No problem if you don't love me, but if you love,love me forever.

Status Whatsapp Love

Status Whatsapp Love

Love is treating the person perfectly even if he/she is not perfect.

Reserve 4 the 1 who deserve your <3

When your mind and heart says the same thing, then it is true love.

v r more than v r, v r 1

If am smiling, you are the reason behind it.

I feel so good when we sleep and get up together.

I honestly always think about you, no 1 else is there in my lyf.

To hug you, cold weather is the best excuse.

I may not erase your problems, but am always there to share your problems.

It isn't an option to love you, I just can't forget u.

Where ever iam, I always think about you.

I love to get 'I miss u' message from you.

I fall 4 you, every time I c you.

Whatever, wherever, whomever...I always think about you.

You always make me feel that true love still exists.

I want someone who will never ever leave me.

Best thing to do when am with you is to hold your hand.

When someone appreciate, you feel happy. When someone love, you go out of the world.

Status Whatsapp Love

Jealousy is so natural in relationships.

I always want him/her to look in my eyes.

Few hugs and kisses are enough for me to forget this world.

I never ever get the feel which i get with you else where.

There is always a 2nd chance, it is called tomorrow.

To find a right person is not enough, you being right person is more important.

Even though i flirt with many, i knew whom i need.

Lose your argument, instead of losing yourself for an argument.

My heart glows when I see you.

My heart skip a beat when ever i see you.

Ups and downs are common in relationships, because no one is perfect, Don't worry much.

Hello mind, please stop loving him / her.

For every thing in your life, there will be a reason.

In love, miles, age, looks, weight and height are just numbers.

Even though we do nothing, I enjoy when am with you.

I like your voice more than text message.

You get nothing without sacrifice and pain.

Status Whatsapp Love

All I need is you.

NO one like to give up their ways, but everyone dream about relationships.

Don't love when your are lonely, love only when you are ready.

Never try to fall in love that you should love someone.

More you smile, more beautiful you look.

Never lose yourself, when you are in love.

2 times i want 2 b with u, now & forever.

Everyone will hurt you, perfect one is whose pain is worthy to you.

Love or leave, don't stay in between.

status whatsapp love.


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