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Sunday, 4 October 2020

New Year Positive Affirmations 2021

New Year Positive Affirmations: Scientific studies say that it's really a very good idea to make repeating affirmations a habit. There are a number of affirmations for your life to make positive changes in your personal and professional life. They say that the more you believe in something the better it is to materialize it. So affirmations help us to tune our minds into believing that anything can happen in our life if we are confident and positive enough.

Here in this blog, we have gathered some good new year affirmations for the coming new year 2020. You can start repeating these powerful affirmations right from the day you read this article. But keep in mind that, these must be repeated with lots of respect, interest, concentration, and belief instead of just repeating the words mechanically. We hope our affirmations help you out this year and motivate you to achieve better results. All the best.

Inspirational New Year Affirmations 2021

2. The oldest tree on earth has seen 5067 New Year; the oldest man, only 122 New Year! Can you see how limited number of New Years you have? And when something is very limited, it is damn precious!

Live the fearlessly
creative life in 2020.

5.2020 will be about
good vibes, bigger goals,
more happiness, less pain,
stronger relationships and
being more focused than ever.


8. Have a wonderful 2020
You know all those things you've always
wanted to do??
You should go do them.

9. 2017 broke me, 2018 changed me, 2019 opened my eyes, 2020 I'm manifesting my dreams.

10. Live in the moment
Start each day with gratitude
Laugh more
Create meaningful connections
Focus on the positive
Believe it all will fall into place
Stick to your goals
Be generous
Choose happy

11. This year
DREAM more
TALK less
LOVE more
ARGUE less
HOPE more
FEAR less
RELAX more
WORRY less
DOUBT less
PLAY more
WORK less

12.2020 will be a year of unlimited possibilities. An abundance of real love, health, wealth and success. Release any doubts and you will achieve your dreams.
Type "YES" to affirm, release & receive.

13. You've been silently winning
battles and transforming
yourself this year.

Be proud of every step
you've made in the right

You deserve nothing but the best and your time is coming. Keep going and get better each and every day.

2020 is yours.

14. I hope that
in twenty-twenty
you become fluent
in self-love.

I hope that this
time next year
you know your worth
like it's your
mother tongue.

15. May the tears you cried in  2019 be the nourishment to the soil of 2020.

In this new year, I hope you live louder.
I hope you laugh more.
I hope you sing at the top of your lungs.
I hope you drive with the windows down
and let the wind rustle through your hair.
I hope you hug. I hope you kiss.
I hope you surround yourself with people
who makes you feel alive.
I hope you become the type of person
that brings good energy wherever you go,
and the type of person people wants to be around.
I hope you speak what’s on your mind,
that you raise your voice for injustice,
that you tell others that you love them,
instead of waiting until it’s too late.
I hope you live louder, shine brighter.
This is your year.

17. 2020 will be your best year ever! Your next year will be better than last year! Prepare for new opportunities, spiritual and financial increase, wonderful surprises, answered prayers, abundant health, and happiness for you and your loved ones!

18. Warm wishes for 2020 and handle yourself with care. Enjoy X-mas and make a fresh clean start in the new year.

19. 2020 is going to finally be your year. Claim it. It's all yours.

20. It's when you meet 2020 head-on that the crash of 2019 will be, but forgotten.

21. 2020 will be your best year ever!
Your next year will be better than
your last year! Prepare for new
opportunities, spiritual & financial
increase, wonderful surprises,
answered prayers, abundant health
and happiness for you
and your loved one!

22. As you exit 2019,
I pray that the Lord will guide you
into the best year of your life!
I declare your path to success will
be unobstructed! Your family will
enjoy breakthroughs in all areas!
Your children will experience divine
progress and academic success!
You will be overwhelmed
by the favor and good health!

23. When you start to feel like things should have been better this year, remember the mountains and valleys that got you here. They are not accidents, and those moments weren't in vain. You are not the same. You have grown and you are growing. You are breathing, you are living, you are wrapped in endless, boundless grace. And things will get better. There is more to you than yesterday.

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24. Where you are now is a far cry from where you'll be this time next year 2020. This isn't to say that everything will be perfect, but life will be enjoyable and you will have even more to be grateful for.



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