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Saturday, 7 December 2019

Best New Year Goals Quotes Ideas

New year goals quotes ideas: As the 2019 year comes to dawn, it's now time to plan for the 2020 year in a proper way. As many do, it's not good to just find out some random goals and resolution ideas to follow in the upcoming new year. Always take a good amount of time to think of your life, things that you are afraid of, things that have been stopping you from doing something or to discard something, make a proper list out of it, plan it and try to implement one by one in 2020.

It's always wonderful to make positive resolutions every year. This is the best opportunity to stop by, know what's not working out and paying attention to what's working with you, to change something or to try newer things. This opportunity definitely makes you analyze your life and guide you into a positive track. You can leave the past and explore brand new things of the present and look forward to the future with a positive outlook. Here are some of the finest new years eve goals for you to check out. Have a blast.

New Year Goals 2020

1) My goal in 2020 is to accomplish
the goals I set in 2019 which I
should have done in 2018 because
I made a promise in 2017 which I
planned in 2016.


1. Get more sleep.
2. drink more water.
3. get more exercise.
4. read more.
5.get more organized.
6. clean more often.
7. explore more.
8. relax more.
9. have more patience.
10. forget doing 'more.'
just give your best

2020 I'm ready for the next chapter of my life.
What are your goals for 2020???


To make 2020 your year, keep it simple:

1) Count your blessings first.

2) Do it better than what you did last year.

3) Go step by step, One step at a time.

4) Create/make your own opportunities.

5) Believe in your abilities at all times.

6) Quitting is not an option. Keep Going.

7) Finish what you started.

5)This 2020:

> Set goal.
> Make a plan.
> get to work.
> Stick to it.
> Reach goal.

6) My goal for the next
year is just to fall back in
love with myself and
the world and life

7. Dear 2020...

I know we just met
but I have a feeling you and I are going to do great things!

Love, me.

8. 2020 will be full of big changes and blessings, but only if you're willing to step out of your comfort zone and change the way you live.

9) Cast away your doubts & fears & let the new year bring forth to you hope and courage.

10. Before you step into 2020,be sure to cancel your subscription to other people's drama and negativity.


1. let go of things you can’t control
2. Avoid comparing yourself to others
3. Keep your faith larger than your fears
4. Don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right
5. Don’t be afraid to spend time alone
6. Avoid gossip and bashing others
7. Speak kindly to yourself and to other people
8. Please yourself before trying to please others
9. Stay away from people who drain your energy
10. Ignore any opinions that don’t enhance your life


1. Drink enough water
2. Move more, sit less
3. Make plans to explore & travel
4. Prioritize eco-friendly choices
5. Volunteer more often
6. Adopt an attitude of gratitude
7. Send handwritten letters
8. Spend 5 minutes a day cleaning
9. Call mom/siblings/grandparents more
10. Pick a time to wake up & stick to it!
11. Develop a skincare routine
12. Live simply, consume less
13. Be consistent with meal times
14. Perfect one recipe
15. Turn on music instead of the TV
16. Remember your goals and the big picture
17. Set a monthly budget
18. Try something new
19. Take breaks more often
20. Floss every day
21. Practice intentional breathing
22. Ditch one bad habit
23. Create a bedtime routine
24. Get in touch with your creative side
25. Make time for self-care


1.trying to please everyone.
2.fearing change,
3.living in the past.
5.being afraid to be different.
6.sacrificing your happiness for others.
7.thinking you're not good enough.
8.thinking you have no purpose.

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