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Saturday, 5 January 2019

Rose Day Quotes for Husband Wife

Rose Day Quotes for Husband Wife:

In the roses I send to you: Yellow to show our happiness, White to show our purity, Black to show our darkest secrets, And red to show our love.

You are the most special rose in the garden of my life. Happy Rose Day!
A bunch of roses for the most special person in my life. Happy Rose Day, my sweet Valentine!

Just like a rose without its fragrance, I am incomplete without you. Happy Rose Day, my love

Sending beautiful Rose Day wishes to a beautiful person. Hope you have a lovely day.

I asked God for a rose and He gave me a garden
I asked God for a drop and He gave me an ocean
I asked God for an angel and He gave me you.
Happy Rose Day, my Valentine!

When you look into my eyes, the world stops for me. Lots of love to the love of my life. Happy Rose Day!

A rose doesn’t mean just proposing love. It also means

R- Rare
O- Ones
S- Supporting
E- Entire life'

Be regular as clock
Be soft as flower
Be strong as rock
Be nice as me
I know its difficult
But just keep trying
Be fresh as Rose.
Happy Rose Day

When I am in your company, I forget my sorrows and pains. May we never part.
Happy Rose Day!'




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