s Happy New Year Muggulu 2019 | Andhra & Telangana Rangavallikalu

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Happy New Year Muggulu 2019 | Andhra & Telangana Rangavallikalu

Happy New Year Muggulu 2018: On every new years eve, women from two states of India,Telangana and Andhra Pradesh will be very excited about Muggulu or Rangavallikalu

What is muggulu?

It is called Rangoli in Hindi. These are basically beautiful designs people do in front of their houses with the help of chalk like powder.

These are very famous with Indians, especially in Telugu speaking people. This is the part of their tradition.

New Year Muggulu with dots 2019

On every new year, people will search for newer designs to use and beautify their house premises.

Happy New Year Muggulu 2016
Happy New Year Muggulu 2017 

There will be a lot of friendly competition between neighbors. There will be also many competitions held, in which the best Muggu will be awarded a prize.

These are very beautiful to look and gives light and decorate house premises and brings festive look.

We have provided you some of the Muggu pics here. You can check and try to apply them in front of your hoses or offices etc.

Happy New Year Muggulu 2019

There are many muggulu which are very small, small, medium, large and extra large size.

Hope you liked our muggulu, for more and more designs keep in touch with us, as we are searching for many more best Muggulu /  Rangavallikalu for you.

Happy New Year Muggulu 2018.

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